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We're Baaaa-aack!!!

It's been tough going the last couple of years. News of the Chinese factory closing down and effectively placing all our Combat R Zero and Panzer Ace robot molds on the "missing property" list. That and a problem with our Japanese contact going AWOL necessitating a search for a new willing soul to take over production of all our new future sofubi projects.

It took some soul searching to decide if It was all worth continuing. It seemed like nobody from the vinyl toy community was willing to help. I guess I can understand though, I am competition after all and I forgot that some people aren't here to make friends but that perfectly OK. Things are looking up! We have Science Patrol on board as our new producers

and I've got new sculpts on the sculpting table as well as sculpts being developed via 3D printing by super talented folks.

We've got a lot of Super Rad stuff planned both for our Monster and specially our loyal Robot fans out there. We're just getting started so plan to see us around for a long while.

Despite the hardship, I feel blessed to be alive and making toys. Shout out to you guys the loyal fans that has stuck with us. You guys are the best!!

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07 de mar. de 2019

Do you have any stories for animation and cartoons or comic books?

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