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The Galaxy Titans are Coming !

This project was years in the making, much work went into producing our most ambitious project to date. I went through many redesigns for each part before committing them unto the blueprints. Anyone who knows me is aware that I'm a vintage robot fanatic! Whether we're talking movies, anime, or toys, we speak ROBOT fluently and I've poured all that I know into the design. Then there was the sculpting. We needed a gifted digital sculptor for the job, and we had the honor of working with Oasim Karmieh of Karmieh Designer Toys a.k.a. (pixelbudah on Instagram). A true wizard at his craft, he was able to transform my technical drawings into a fully realized 3-D sculpture. No compromises were made during the process and his patience with my numerous edits was nothing less than professional grade. And Finally, our Japanese production man himself Cory P. of Science Patrols and his network of artisans who just gave me thew news during Designer Con 2022 that the molds are finished and will be pulling test vinyls next! It's coming folks, it's really happening and we here at ATOMIC MUSHROOM are in cloud-9! Next Post will cover and showcase the Test Pulled vinyl! Thank you all that have stuck with us through the production process, you won't be disappointed I promise.

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